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Deluxe Women 14k Gold Filled White Sapphire Dangle Earrings - Pendants and Charms

Deluxe Women 14k Gold Filled White Sapphire Dangle Earrings


  • Deluxe Women 14k Gold Filled White Sapphire Dangle Earrings
  • Earrings size: 25mm x 8mm
  • material :14k gold filled base metal
  • condition:100% brand new
  • weight:4.6gram Approx
Gold-filled jewellery, also known as "rolled gold", is composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded with heat and pressure to another metal. Our high quality gold-filled jewelry has the same appearance as solid 14k gold, and is far more durable than gold plate,even with daily wear,And our nickel-free 14k gold-filled jewellery is a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. If you can wear solid gold, it is highly unlikely that gold-filled jewellery will cause irritation. Nickel free-Gold Filled/Gold Layered Jewellery(the highest Safey Standard & environmental protection standard ), Our 14k gold filled jewelries are guaranteed to not irritate sensitive skin. After all,The item is made from 14k Gold Filled, not solid Gold. The 14k Gold Filled Jeweller are belong to Fashion Jewellery,not Fine Jewellery. Please do not expect a perfection.Anyway It will tarnish or discolour.This kind of jewellery does not have any stamps. How to protect jewellery: Do not wear your jewellery in hot tubs and swimming pools. Take jewellery off when using laundry or cleaning products. NEVER, NEVER clean it with bleach. Use jewellery cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your gold filled jewellery . If you do not have jewellery cleaner, you can use mild soap and warm water. Never use any harsh cleaners such as bleach or abrasives. To store gold filled jewellery, wrap each piece separately in a soft cloth. Lay herringbone chains flat so they do not kink. Always remember to remove your jewellery before sleeping, bathing or exercising.

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